5 Quirky Facts About Me:

5 Quirky Facts About Me:

1. I suffer from very itchy ears and so you will often find me intently shaking my pinky finger in my ear...feels soooo good.

2. I can fit my fist (and Deanna's for that matter) in my mouth.

3. When standing in line or waiting for something I often start to do a little tap routine with my feet...keeps me occupied.

4. I watch the Antiques Road Show...and I LOVE IT!

5. My most popular speaking phrase is, "I know, right?!"

Monday, January 17, 2011


So...homework!  My old nemesis!  It has been too long since I have had to park my butt down on a seat in a library and do me some old fashioned homework.  But...you know, I kinda like it!  It feels good to learn again and wake up my mind a bit with some old (but forgotten) and new information.  Learning is a good thing. 
So far, the class with the most homework is my advanced Spanish class, which is fine with me.  My sociology class is fun and pretty much a breeze.  However, I fell asleep in my American Government class the other day and that is NOT good because that is the one class I NEED to pay attention in.  This lil Canadian doesn't recall much about american government. lol.  BUT...I am learning some things which are actually interesting so I think I will be ok.

I am also starting to make friends in some of my classes which is also really nice.  I used to be MR. SOCIAL BUTTERFLY my first year of college and who knows....maybe I will take back my title. lol.  However, I do still feel like "old man" on campus even though that is NOT the case.  As many people say...you are only as old as you feel...and I don't feel "that" old.  Haha!

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  1. Way to be a student again, Sheldon! I miss college and the days of master classes. And rats gnawing on brains.