5 Quirky Facts About Me:

5 Quirky Facts About Me:

1. I suffer from very itchy ears and so you will often find me intently shaking my pinky finger in my ear...feels soooo good.

2. I can fit my fist (and Deanna's for that matter) in my mouth.

3. When standing in line or waiting for something I often start to do a little tap routine with my feet...keeps me occupied.

4. I watch the Antiques Road Show...and I LOVE IT!

5. My most popular speaking phrase is, "I know, right?!"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back To Skewl So I Can Be Smart Boy...

Yup, the day has arrived I trudge the halls of...UVU to embark on my 9 credit semester.  LOL.  Nine credits isn't an enormous load obviously, but couple that with two jobs and you got yourself a sure fire potential trip to the mental hospital, haha.  I will be fine I am sure. :)

I have all my books in my backpack and am ready to go open my brain to knowledge...because as we all know "knowledge is power" and just like He-man..."I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!"
Ahem....anyways....all in all I am pretty happy to be going back to school.

Beyond that, after school I am going to go play Disney Scene It with some friends and kick their trash!!!  I know my Disney folks...it is true!  I may not be a walking encyclopedia of Disney facts but I can definitely hold me own.  So be prepared!!!!

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