5 Quirky Facts About Me:

5 Quirky Facts About Me:

1. I suffer from very itchy ears and so you will often find me intently shaking my pinky finger in my ear...feels soooo good.

2. I can fit my fist (and Deanna's for that matter) in my mouth.

3. When standing in line or waiting for something I often start to do a little tap routine with my feet...keeps me occupied.

4. I watch the Antiques Road Show...and I LOVE IT!

5. My most popular speaking phrase is, "I know, right?!"

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting A Grip On Things To Come

So, it is almost Christmas and I am very much looking forward to the vacation time.  I feel like my life is in constant "run mode" and I am ready for a couple days of "walk mode" or better yet, "crawl mode".  I know however, that starting in January that I will be finding new joys in "sprint mode" as I will be going to UVU and taking a 9 credit semester load.  I will be taking an Advanced Spanish class, Political Science (wish this Canadian luck in an American Government class), and a Sociology class.  In spite of the hell that will be my schedule, I am rather looking forward to all of it.  Full-time job, part-time job and part-time student will be an ADVENTURE for sure.  I hope I am ready for it...I think I am. 

Beyond all that craziness, Christmas being around the corner I am seriously trying to get into the Christmas mood...but I am finding it hard to do.  I think if it were to snow more that would suit me just fine. I love a big, white blanket of snow on the ground, trees, houses, and cars!  It just makes me smile. :)  And, perhaps if I had a nice Christmas tree and the smell of pine was rushing through my nose would also expedite some feelings of holiday cheer.  Who knows?  I plan on spending most of my time with my sister Arlena...the other single sibling while everyone else spends it with the in-laws, or makes the treacherous trek northward to the great homeland! 

Well, here's hoping this holiday season brings me extra pep and focus for all my new and constant endeavours of the new year!!!

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