5 Quirky Facts About Me:

5 Quirky Facts About Me:

1. I suffer from very itchy ears and so you will often find me intently shaking my pinky finger in my ear...feels soooo good.

2. I can fit my fist (and Deanna's for that matter) in my mouth.

3. When standing in line or waiting for something I often start to do a little tap routine with my feet...keeps me occupied.

4. I watch the Antiques Road Show...and I LOVE IT!

5. My most popular speaking phrase is, "I know, right?!"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time is FLYING....

So much has been happening the past few weeks.  I am trying to stay focused and as much in control of everything as possible but sometimes that can be very difficult!!

I was in Logan, Utah this past weekend with my figure skating students.  They were competing in the Utah Winter Games and they did such an awesome job!!  All of them had strong programs and I was so proud of their joint effort and the way many of them stayed the entire competition to cheer each other on was great!  It was somewhat surreal being on the coaching side of a competition again instead of being the competitor which I am VERY used to, ha, but it was a great experience where I was able to observe lots about how competitions somewhat run down here in the USA. I kinda prefer the Canadian way.  :)  Notes were taken and plans will be implemented for the future.

School is going alright.  I am keeping up on the majority of my homework and not missing classes...so I am pretty proud of myself.  I know that my teachers like me, well, the teachers I talk to anyway.  My sociology teacher always defaults to me to give the "male" perspective on things during class since there are only 3 guys in the class and I am by far the most verbal. lol.  It can be interesting...my comments are usually candid ones.

Work is moving right along.  I am busy busy with some of the leaders I represent because our big yearly event, the ILC, is coming up very soon this month and it is a cruise and so people are scrambling to make sure everything is in order.  Makes for lots of phone calls!!

Hmmm....what else.  OH!  I rearranged my room and bought myself a nice little writing desk...and wow, my room is so much more zen now!!  I can feel a much more positive energy flow in it which is sooo nice. :)

Anyways...I will write more later!

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  1. We want to see pictures of your abode, writing desk included.

    It's awesome that school and work and LIFE are going well for you. You definitely deserve the best, Sheldon! :)