5 Quirky Facts About Me:

5 Quirky Facts About Me:

1. I suffer from very itchy ears and so you will often find me intently shaking my pinky finger in my ear...feels soooo good.

2. I can fit my fist (and Deanna's for that matter) in my mouth.

3. When standing in line or waiting for something I often start to do a little tap routine with my feet...keeps me occupied.

4. I watch the Antiques Road Show...and I LOVE IT!

5. My most popular speaking phrase is, "I know, right?!"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Time is FLYING....

So much has been happening the past few weeks.  I am trying to stay focused and as much in control of everything as possible but sometimes that can be very difficult!!

I was in Logan, Utah this past weekend with my figure skating students.  They were competing in the Utah Winter Games and they did such an awesome job!!  All of them had strong programs and I was so proud of their joint effort and the way many of them stayed the entire competition to cheer each other on was great!  It was somewhat surreal being on the coaching side of a competition again instead of being the competitor which I am VERY used to, ha, but it was a great experience where I was able to observe lots about how competitions somewhat run down here in the USA. I kinda prefer the Canadian way.  :)  Notes were taken and plans will be implemented for the future.

School is going alright.  I am keeping up on the majority of my homework and not missing classes...so I am pretty proud of myself.  I know that my teachers like me, well, the teachers I talk to anyway.  My sociology teacher always defaults to me to give the "male" perspective on things during class since there are only 3 guys in the class and I am by far the most verbal. lol.  It can be interesting...my comments are usually candid ones.

Work is moving right along.  I am busy busy with some of the leaders I represent because our big yearly event, the ILC, is coming up very soon this month and it is a cruise and so people are scrambling to make sure everything is in order.  Makes for lots of phone calls!!

Hmmm....what else.  OH!  I rearranged my room and bought myself a nice little writing desk...and wow, my room is so much more zen now!!  I can feel a much more positive energy flow in it which is sooo nice. :)

Anyways...I will write more later!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am just sitting here at work today...of course wishing I were somewhere else, but, where that place might be I do not know.  It is only mildly frustrating. lol.  Eh...maybe I'll write a poem.  Here it is!

I woke up this morning but my heart stayed asleep,
Tossing and turning I came to my feet.
I'd left the light on again, was I insecure?
To the dreams in the dark that visit my room?

I hear the ticking clock, it's resonating fills me up,
Replacing my silent heart with its mechanical pulse.
Going through the motions, is to what my day's reduced?
Or should I count my lucky stars that at least I'm on the move?

I shuffle back and forth collecting my days necesities,
When in one gaze my eyes catch an image of a boy I knew.
I stop and stare and deduce what all I see,
When it's a mirror, and I, myself am glaring back at me.

I scan over my reflection with detailed pace,
When finally ending up, I'm standing face to face
With visions of the past encircling my mind
But clearing away the mist I marvel at what I find.

A man, not a boy, is appearing inch by inch,
But startled, when did this change occur?
For never before this time have I seen,
The image of a man staring back at me.

But there he is in plain display,
A man, that I must have become.
At some point in time along my path,
But when and why did it not before reveal to me?

Awestruck, I notice the ticking clock is still and quiet,
And deep in my chest I feel the pulsing beat,
Of a man's heart resounding strong and fast.
Energy flowing, tingling, and reaching.

My mind is alight now with new found resource,
As darkness replaced by light from the Source,
Visions past seem to tumble from view
And standing beside me, in perspective, is you...

To Be Continued.

Monday, January 17, 2011


So...homework!  My old nemesis!  It has been too long since I have had to park my butt down on a seat in a library and do me some old fashioned homework.  But...you know, I kinda like it!  It feels good to learn again and wake up my mind a bit with some old (but forgotten) and new information.  Learning is a good thing. 
So far, the class with the most homework is my advanced Spanish class, which is fine with me.  My sociology class is fun and pretty much a breeze.  However, I fell asleep in my American Government class the other day and that is NOT good because that is the one class I NEED to pay attention in.  This lil Canadian doesn't recall much about american government. lol.  BUT...I am learning some things which are actually interesting so I think I will be ok.

I am also starting to make friends in some of my classes which is also really nice.  I used to be MR. SOCIAL BUTTERFLY my first year of college and who knows....maybe I will take back my title. lol.  However, I do still feel like "old man" on campus even though that is NOT the case.  As many people say...you are only as old as you feel...and I don't feel "that" old.  Haha!

The Food Fairies Like Me!!

So...I am sitting at school in the main corridor just minding my business and feeling a wee bit hungry when something entertaining happens.  Just as I am about to get up and purchase something to nibble on from a vending machine some people go up to it to purchase something.  I happen to overhear one of them say...A6...voila!!  Free food!!  Sure enough the machine is vending a product without inserting any money!  He explains the science behind the mechanics of the machines and how this one has a faulty selection, etc etc...and then they move along.  Well...I am intrigued.  Did it really work every time?  Did he insert money without anyone seeing?  So, I was about to find out....
I walk up to the machine and push, "A6", and wow...the machine indeed starts to dispense a pastry free of charge!!  Well, I am no thief and so as to clear my conscience a little bit I put in a dollar to buy something else legitimately.  So, I select another pastry and as it is being dispensed a coin drops in the change slot??  I put in exact change, so why was I getting money back....I look down and pull out a dollar coin!!!  Another free pastry!!!!  The Food Fairies must like me, a lot! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

First Day of School...

So, my first day of school seemed to go by quite nicely without a hitch.  In my sociology class I am 1 of only 2 male students and the rest are female.  Perhaps more guys will show up and then again maybe not...either way it looks like it should be an interesting and fun class.  I like it so far and we just went over the syllabus. 

My second class, American Government, the student dynamic was completely different!  Much more a mix of people, boys and girls, young and not so young...east coast, west coast and everything in between, including the girl who couldn't seem to stop giggling with all the boys that appeared to "flock" around her.  Oy vey...this should be interesting.  However, as we are waiting for the professor to arrive one of the students proclaims, "the teacher isn't coming...he is out of town til Tuesday...I just looked it up on the online blackboard".  He holds up his laptop for the class to see.  Groans and sighs mixed in with a few woohoo's are expressed and most students get up to leave and others just kind of hang out so they can continue their conversations with their new found friends.

So...I go and have a nice break before my next class. During which I saw a co-worker, and my friend Sara Jane and her mom who were going to a french class. :)

My last class of the day was Advanced Spanish.  It was nice.  It is conducted all in Spanish and that is fun.  The teacher is from Chile but has lived in the USA for 30 years.  We all talked and explained in Spanish, of course, a little about ourselves, where we learned Spanish, and anything else we wanted to share.  In this class it is all guys except for 3 women.  This is what I was expecting though.  I already have some homework in that class, which includes reading a short story, and writing a paper.  Here we go Espanol!!! :)

All in all, I feel like this semester should be fun and I look forward to the challenges I will face.  It is interesting being surrounded by other "young" people and at times feeling like I am back in High School and NOT a university...but that's what I get for being 28 years old and back in school.  Haha.  It should be good for me though, and allow me to possibly make some new friends which I look forward to doing.

I'll keep you posted on how things go!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back To Skewl So I Can Be Smart Boy...

Yup, the day has arrived I trudge the halls of...UVU to embark on my 9 credit semester.  LOL.  Nine credits isn't an enormous load obviously, but couple that with two jobs and you got yourself a sure fire potential trip to the mental hospital, haha.  I will be fine I am sure. :)

I have all my books in my backpack and am ready to go open my brain to knowledge...because as we all know "knowledge is power" and just like He-man..."I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!"
Ahem....anyways....all in all I am pretty happy to be going back to school.

Beyond that, after school I am going to go play Disney Scene It with some friends and kick their trash!!!  I know my Disney folks...it is true!  I may not be a walking encyclopedia of Disney facts but I can definitely hold me own.  So be prepared!!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quite Frankly the Best Thing Ever!!

So, I enjoy reaching into the mailbox and pulling out the recently delivered mail and discovering a nice lil letter/package for me, who doesn't?  Well, beyond my regular Netflix arrivals I received a package from my dear friends the Harper's (Terrah, Tyler and Miles).  Upon opening it I reach inside and pull out this little note pad labeled, "FASHION CITATION".  I laughed out loud...yes...I LOL'd. 

Not only do Terrah and I share a common sense of fashion discretion but we also enjoy pointing out these "faux pas" to eachother.  It will also aid in bringing it to the attention of those victims of fashion crimes the error of their ways!!  Take a gander at what it looks like below.  And, from all of us down here in Utah who witness these travesties regularly and didn't know how to approach them...we say "thank you Harpers" for providing us with the tools needed!!!